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Recipes containing Palm Sugar


Laab Moo (Thai Pork Salad)

Laab Moo - Thai Pork Salad

There’s something about Thai flavors that are just addictive. Tangy lemongrass or lime, sweet palm sugar, salty fish sauce, and aromatic Thai basil and mint make for a multidimensional, colorful cuisine that’s simply craveworthy. But so much of Thai food is high calorie, from thick, flat stir-fry noodles to sugary sweet coconut. The Thai and… Read More »


Beef Rendang

Beef Rendang

In a 2011 CNN Poll, Beef Rendang was voted by readers to be the Most Delicious Food in the World so we absolutely had to seek out a recipe to recreate this Indonesian specialty at home. Lucky for us, blogger extraordinaire Marc Matsumoto of No Recipes breaks down this complex, intensely-flavored dish into easy-to-follow steps. A… Read More »