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Mulled wine is a wintertime favorite but did you know that mulled, warmed beer was commonly served in taverns 400 years ago? Today, we're bringing it back in style. Alex, Recipe Hunter

Alex Singer, NoshOnIt Recipe Hunter


Mulled Beer

Mulling more than just wine

We all know mulled wine as a holiday party favorite but have you ever heard of mulled beer? We hadn’t either, until now! It turns out that, after a bit of research, we were just behind the curve. Mulled (meaning “warmed”) beer has been around for centuries and from the 1500-1800s, it was actually the preferred way of enjoying beer in taverns. Magda was way ahead of us on this one, taking a light lager beer (we bet a winter spiced or leftover pumpkin beer would be great too!) and warming it gently with a combination of familiar seasonal spices like cinnamon and cloves and a few surprise ingredients like ginger and cardamom. Would it be too far-fetched to call this a Chai Mulled Beer? Either way, mix things up this year and serve a piping hot batch of Mulled Beer for your holiday soirees.


Magda Faszczewska

UX Designer / Food Blogger

Magda Faszczewska from Magda's Cauldron

I love the fact that good food makes people smile. I enjoy cooking, but I don't like to spend too much time in the kitchen. I have weakness for cakes and Polish food.

We’re very excited to have Magda as the newest international blogger in the NoshOnIt Featured Chef family (and our 3rd Ireland-based contributor!). Originally hailing from Poland, she now lives in Dublin where she’s a UX (that’s User Experience) Designer and the blogger behind Magda’s Cauldron where she shares delicious and downright beautiful recipes with us. One of the things we love the most about Magda is that her cooking style is influenced by her travels and all of the places she’s lived with plenty of recipes from her Polish heritage. Her food is unfussy, comforting, and simple – just the way we love to eat.

Head over to Magda’s Cauldron and say hello to Magda on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.


How to Keep Your Hot Drinks Hot

How to keep your hot drinks hot
We know what you’re thinking. Really? A guide on how to keep my hot drinks hot? How about a thermos, a hot plate, or even a microwave? Sure, all of those things work but the fact of the matter is that when hot liquid hits a cold cup, it immediately cools down. When it’s cold inside your house, the problem only gets worse. We have one little trick that doesn’t cost you a penny and works like a charm to keep your hot drinks hotter longer without reheating:

Preheat your mug or thermos by filling it with boiling water (or the hottest water that comes out of your tap) and allow to sit for a few minutes before pouring in your hot drink.

By taking the chill off of your container, the liquid won’t cool down immediately upon impact so you actually have a chance to enjoy your drink while it’s still warm. So give your hot drink a chance and preheat your mug!