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This weeknight shrimp dish, inspired by the flavors of Mozambique, is full of flavor and best served over a heaping pile of rice to sop up the delicious sauce. Vijay, Recipe Hunter

Vijay Nathan, NoshOnIt Recipe Hunter and Chef


Piri Piri Shrimp

Travel to Mozambique in your own kitchen

The cuisines of Africa are as diverse as its ethnic groups, making it a wonderful culinary destination. But even if you can’t make the long trek there, you can still re-create many of those flavors in your own kitchen. This particular dish comes from Mozambique and is named after the fiery Piri Piri chili which grows abundantly there. After roasting serrano chiles (which are used for a little less fire), a bright marinade is made with paprika, garlic, lemon juice, and herbs. Tossed with fresh shrimp for a few hours (even 30 minutes will work) and cooked in the same sauce, this dish couldn’t be simpler. Serve over a heap of steaming rice to soak up the extra sauce and enjoy the flavors of Mozambique in your own kitchen.


Kristy Wenz

Mom/Wife, Business Owner, Foodie, Traveler

Kristy Wenz from Eat, Play, Love

In an effort to get out of the at-home, standard-fare rut and to introduce our children to other cultures around the world, my husband and I cook different recipes from around the globe with the kids participation along the way.

Kristy is a mom, wife, and blogger who, along with her family, shares a passion for travel and worldly cuisines. After they started cooking dishes from around the world as a way to expose themselves to different cultures through food, Kristy’s son suggested they document their adventures, the result of which is their blog Eat, Play, Love. Every few weeks, they choose a different part of the world to explore and cook a variety of recipes inspired by the flavors of that country, all from the comfort of their own kitchen.

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The Different Sizes of Shrimp

When you go to the seafood counter at your local market, you’ll notice a variety of different size of shrimp from small to large. Along with the location of origin and a note about whether they were pre-frozen, fresh, farm-raised, or wild-caught, you’ll also see a number range in the description, such as 18-20 or 21-25. Have you ever wondered what these numbers mean?

The number refers to the number of individual shrimp in a pound. So, an 18-20 count shrimp will have between 18 and 20 individual shrimp in a pound.

The higher the number, the smaller the shrimp. For most purposes, 21-25 shrimp are a great size but you might want something slightly larger if you’re grilling or something smaller for a ceviche. Remember, bigger is not always better so make sure to ask your seafood monger to get the sweetest, freshest shrimp.

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    This is one of my favourite recipes from Eat, Play, Love… Our whole family enjoys following Kristy’s family’s culinary and life adventures!