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This spicy seasonal margarita is a blended delight of only the best things — strawberries, Sriracha sauce and tequila! It’s the perfect kick off for Cinco de Mayo! Beth, Recipe Hunter

Beth Wittenstein, NoshOnIt Recipe Hunter


Strawberry Sriracha Margaritas

A sassy, spicy and seasonal drink for Cinco de Mayo!

In this sassy, seasonal margarita, Jackie spices up a strawberry margarita with just the teeniest bit of Sriracha for an unbeatable boozy treat. If you’ve been down the ethnic food section of your local grocery store, you’ve probably spotted the iconic rooster on a bottle of Sriracha hot sauce. Grab a bottle quick, because this spicy sauce packs a smooth chili flavor with just a touch of sweetness making it perfect for pairing with fruit. Strawberry and Sriracha blend together in an emulsion to give new meaning to the phrase, “sweet and spice, and everything nice.” Add a shot of tequila, and  you’ve got yourself a mean drink!


Jackie Dodd

Food Writer/Cookbook Author

Jackie Dodd from Domestic Fits

I cook food that is equal parts familiar and unexpected. I like new combinations of conventional ingredients, and beer, I like to add beer.

Known for throwing the occasional “domestic fit,” Jackie’s blog Domestic Fits is aptly named, as she shares party tips and edible craft ideas in addition to the wealth of great recipes on her blog. Jackie also has a second home at The Beeroness, where she blogs about her love of cooking with craft beer. A sort of “domestic beeroness,” Jackie develops innovative recipes of all kinds ranging from spicy alcoholic beverages to non-traditional hummus. The recipes she shares come in wide varieties of simple or involved, healthy or sinful, but they all embody her fascination with complex and interesting flavors, and we love them all!

Head over to Domestic Fits and say hello to Jackie on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest!


4 Tips to Make Smooth Frozen Margaritas

Fresh margaritas on the rocks are the quintessential sign of summer, but sometimes we’re in the mood for a creamy, blended frozen drink. Even if you don’t have a $500 super blender at home, you can still make incredibly smooth frozen margaritas with these 4 tips:

  1. Start with crushed ice instead of whole ice: crushed ice pieces will break down easier even in an inexpensive blender. Don’t have a fridge that dispenses crushed ice? Just make your own with some brute force.
  2. Use frozen fruit (or freshly frozen) fruit: frozen fruit means you don’t need as much ice. Even if you’re using fresh fruit, freeze them in a single layer for a few hours then blend.
  3. Make more than one drink at a time: filling the blender with enough ingredients to make 2-3 drinks will allow the blades to puree the mixture evenly.
  4. Layer it properly: use these tips to make sure you start with liquids at the bottom!

With the bounty of fresh fruit and ingredients filling the markets, let your creativity run wild for tasty margarita flavor combinations. Grab the blender and mix up a batch of margaritas to add some extra fun to your weekend fiesta.