The First 100 Featured Chefs on NoshOnIt


Wow, it’s been quite a year. Or half a year should I say since our “birth” last July. It’s taken a while for me to write this post as I have been spending the past few weeks thinking about how we should share this milestone, how we should celebrate, and what we should do to recognize those who have helped us get this far.

5 months ago, we started NoshOnIt with the belief that there were hundreds, if not thousands, of amazing bloggers and chefs out there whose work deserved to be uncovered, surfaced, and shared with the world. On the other side of the equation, we also believed that there were millions of home cooks around the world who still struggled to answer the question, “What should I make for dinner?” Or, breakfast, lunch, cocktail hour, dessert, and everything in between for that matter. There’s a lot of cooking inspiration out there, and there are plenty of people who need to be inspired.

We believed then, and continue to believe now, that while you can get your recipes from big media publications (no hating, we like them too!), there is something so much more special about getting a recipe from a real person. Someone who could be your neighbor or your friend. Someone who could invite you to dinner at their home and you’ll change your entire schedule just to be there. Someone whose life you can relate to and cares about what they cook for others as much as they care about what they eat themselves.

You probably know some of these people.

The only difference is that the people we find just happen to be sharing their creations online.

So, we embarked on this adventure. And, I can honestly say that back then, I had no idea if we’d be around long enough for me to be writing this post. We started NoshOnIt with a vision and a dream but no clue if it would actually stick. We didn’t know if any blogger or chef would actually want to work with us. And, we most certainly didn’t know if people would want yet another email. The answer to both of those questions, I’m happy to say, is a resounding YES!

I’m proud to say that since we launched, we’ve sent over 85,000 emails.

I’m even more proud, though, of the people we’ve met and the relationships we’ve built along the way. And so today, I’m here to announce a huge milestone that we reached last week:

In 5 months, we’ve featured 100 bloggers and chefs from around the world.

To our first 100 featured chefs: you are a special group of people. You hail from the United States, Ireland, England, Hong Kong, and even Australia. You took a chance to work with us and support us in our early days. You responded to our emails late at night and always obliged our ridiculously short turn-around times. You told your friends, family, and followers about us just because. You have helped us get to this point and for that, I can only say one thing:

Thank You

I’m happy to say that I can call many of you friends and I hope to get the chance to share a meal with you in 2013.

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To show our gratitude, I’m also excited to announce two new features that are launching today:

Featured Chef Badges and Featured Chef Profile Pages

Featured Chef Badges

We wanted a way for our chefs to be able to show off on their own site that they’ve been featured. So, we created this uber-cute badge (designed by the talented Tina Yeung) that our featured chefs can put on their site as a stamp of recognition to show their readers just how awesome they really are. The design is loosely based on a place setting with a chef’s hat to represent cooking, a pencil to represent writing, and a spoon to represent the most important part, eating. If you see this badge as you’re recipe browsing, you’ll know that the blog gets our seal of approval!

If you’ve worked with us, check your inbox for a link to access a page where you can get the custom code for your badge! We’d love for you to put it on your site.

NoshOnIt Blogger Badge

We worked with the awesomely talented designer Tina Yeung to create this badge. If you need any design work done, give her a shout! 

Featured Chef Profile Pages

As we continue to work with more and more bloggers and feature more recipes, we wanted to create a place that each of our featured chefs could call “home” on our site. So today, we’re also launching our Featured Chef Profile Pages where you can learn all about the chef and see their recipes that we’ve featured.

Michael Natkin Profile Page


That’s the profile page of Michael Natkin of Herbivoracious who gets a special shout-out for being the very first chef we featured. You can get to the profile pages from the top navigation bar anywhere on the site.

Featured Chefs Link on Top Navigation Bar


Click here to access the profile pages of all of our featured chefs

That’s all for now, folks

We hope you enjoy these new updates and will join us in celebrating and thanking our First 100 Featured Chefs. Look for our badge when you’re browsing around. Check out their profiles, go to their sites, cook their recipes, and give them some love. They deserve it.

Here’s to an inspiring 2013 filled with many more delicious meals. I hope to share one of mine with you.

~Vijay, Editor & Chief Nosher