NoshOnIt Is Growing

When Alex and I started NoshOnIt 9 months ago, we began with a very simple belief: that everyone can and should cook great food at home. We set out on a mission to break down the barriers to high-quality home cooking with an equally simple concept: find the best recipes and share this with people in their inbox.

We wanted to find, curate, and share the best recipes and cooking tips that we could find from across the independent food world. We started with a belief that there were thousands of independent food bloggers, recipe developers, and chefs who were creating and publishing amazing inspirational work…but that work wasn’t getting the attention it deserved. On the other side, we knew that there were tens of millions of busy home cooks who still struggle with the most basic question of, “what should I cook today?” By bridging the gap between these two sides, we’ve been able to showcase the work of over 150 bloggers and chefs from around the world. And, at my most recent count, we’ve sent out nearly 220,000 emails…with 3 zeros! (You can help us get to 500,000 by signing up, if you haven’t already)

Looking back, what I’m most proud of is the incredible sense of community that we’ve been able to build amongst our Featured Chefs. Alex and I always talk about treating our bloggers like family, and we take that very seriously. By working together, supporting each other, and building a tight network of the highest quality food publishers out there, we have the ability to inspire and affect MILLIONS of kitchens around the world. In doing so, we truly believe that we can help grow the  size of the pie for everyone.

What most people don’t realize (nor have we advertised it very much) is that for 8 of the past 9 months, we’ve been more or less a 2 person operation.

Vijay and Alex from NoshOnIt

I’ve been handling all of the content and marketing, Alex has been handling all of the tech. For the past several months, we’ve had this itching feeling that we need to be producing higher quality, better, and more content, but we’ve been limited by the number of hours in the day.

Well, the time has come for our little eggling to hatch. When I think about building a team, I always want to make sure that the people around me are smarter than I am. To use a metaphor, it’s not about having more cooks in the kitchen, it’s about having better cooks.

Today, I’m really proud to introduce all of you to our 5 Spring editorial interns!  Beth, Brooke, Julia, Krysta, and Nisreen each join us with unique backgrounds and interests but the things that bind them together are 1) a passion for food and cooking and 2) a unique ability to bring food to life through words.

As Recipe Hunters, they’re responsible with helping us dig deep into the online recipe world to identify new bloggers we should be featuring and writing about them in compelling, creative ways. You might have seen their faces or names on some recent posts, both in emails and on the blog. You probably have also noticed that their work is much better than mine. That’s the point!

I hope you’ll take a moment to get to know each of them below. They are truly outstanding individuals and we’re lucky to have them for the next few months.

  • Beth Wittenstein - NoshOnIt

    Beth Wittenstein

    Inspired by her love of travel, food has motivated Beth’s decisions about where to visit next. After graduating from the University of Michigan, Beth began experimenting in the kitchen and documenting her baking adventures on her blog, Young Idealistic Baker.

    Learn more about Beth >>

  • Brooke Jackson-Glidden - NoshOnIt

    Brooke Jackson-Glidden

    Originally from Eugene, Oregon, Brooke transported herself across the country and is currently a student and aspiring journalist at Boston University. Her passion for food began at a very young age, growing up in a household where great cooking was an important part of her childhood. Intensely knowledgeable about all aspects of food, Brooke is also the Arts & Entertainment editor at BU’s Daily Free Press.

    Learn more about Brooke >>

  • Julia Rackow - NoshOnIt

    Julia Rackow

    Julia is an upcoming graduate of Tufts University who used her major in Italian Studies as an opportunity to travel and study about food in Perugia, Italy. An aspiring chef, Julia is excited by the experimentation and spontaneity that comes from being active in the kitchen. Also passionate about from-scratch cooking and baking, Julia has a wild yeast sourdough starter (that we haven’t “borrowed”…yet) and bakes all of her own bread from scratch.

    Learn more about Julia >>

  • Krysta Voskowsky - NoshOnIt

    Krysta Voskowsky

    Krysta is currently a MFA student at Emerson College studying Creative Nonfiction. A voracious traveler and writer, Krysta has lived around the world, documenting her experiences with food and life through various channels. Now living in Boston, Krysta brings with her a unique ability to write in a way that brings words to life. And, she’s been known to win karaoke contests.

    Learn more about Krysta >>

  • Nisreen Galloway - NoshOnIt

    Nisreen Galloway

    Nisreen is a student at Emerson College studying Writing, Literature, and Publishing with an intense passion for food and all-things-Boston. An aspiring journalist and publisher, Nisreen is tackling her goal of being in the food magazine industry through her work with us as well as being the Editor-in-Chief of Simmer Magazine, an online magazine sharing the best local eats for foodie college students in Boston.

    Learn more about Nisreen >>


Here’s to many more delicious noshes (and Noshers)!

~Vijay, co-founder & chief nosher