11 Edible Halloween Projects for Kids

There’s something special about Halloween that brings out the kid in all of us: the spooky movies, outstanding outfits, the festive tricks, and especially the scrumptious treats. But there’s no need to limit all the fun of Halloween to the last day of the month. This collection of fun foodie projects is perfect to enjoy throughout the entire month of October–or simply whenever you kids (big or little) feel the urge to play with your food. Each recipe in this roundup works well for costume party or d’oeuvres, after-school snacks, awesome lunchbox surprises, and midnight munchies.


1. Mini Caramel Apples

No matter how grown-up we are, it seems classic caramel apples will always remind us of Autumn fairs and trick or-treating, but our mouths are still not quite large enough to gobble up the treat whole. These miniature versions deliver classic caramel-apple goodness in bite-size sweetness. Making mini apples with a melon-baller, poking, dipping, and decorating with neverending topping possibilities, this recipe makes a great afternoon project for kids of all ages. (Recipe and photo: Domestically Blissful)

Mini Caramel Apples from Domestically Blissful plus 10 other Foodie Halloween Projects for Kids


2. Chocolate Apple Halloween Owls

We all know that any edible item with a face goes a long way with kids, especially when it involves chocolate. From their big eyes to their tasty beaks, these Chocolate Apple Halloween Owls are just as fun to stick together as they are to eat. (Recipe and photo: From Brazil to You)

Chocolate Apple Halloween Owls from From Brazil to You plus 10 other Foodie Halloween Projects for Kids


3. Googly-Eyed Popcorn Monsters

The best part about cooking is getting your hands dirty. Small and big hands alike can assemble these sweet Googly-Eyed Popcorn Monsters, and the easy recipe leaves plenty of creative wiggle room for kids to make their own custom edible monster. (Recipe and photo: Hungry Happenings)

Googly Eyed Popcorn Monsters from Hungry Happenings plus 10 other Foodie Halloween Projects for Kids


4. Bloody Falafel Fingers

We’ve heard of chicken fingers and even witchy fingers made from cookie dough. But these Bloody Falafel Fingers take a savory, healthy dinner option and flip it on its fun side. Go ahead, have the short person in your life pull a chair up to the counter and help make these creepy (but yummy!) digits. (Recipe and photo: Vegan Richa)

Bloody Falafel Fingers from Vegan Richa plus 10 other Foodie Halloween Projects for Kids


5. Happy Pumpkins

These sweet snacks are sure to make your little pumpkin happy. Melon jack o’lanterns with a chocolate smudge smile are simple to make but more fun to eat than a humdrum bucket of plastic wrapped candy. Kids can help by punching pumpkin shapes out of cantaloupe and can even add the eyes and squirt their own chocolate smirks. These Happy Pumpkins work great as a party snack or a fun lunchbox surprise. (Recipe and photo: Kiddie Foodies)

Happy Pumpkins from Kiddie Foodies plus 10 other Foodie Halloween Projects for Kids


6. Halloween Stuffed Peppers

It’s dinner with personality. Traditional stuffed bell peppers get a festive makeover in this recipe when the star veggie masquerades as a jack o’ lantern. Kids can have fun designing their food faces and practice mixing and measuring while helping to whip up this deliciously spooky dinner. (Recipe and photo: Citron Limette)

Halloween Stuffed Pepppers from Citron Limonette plus 10 other Foodie Halloween Projects for Kids


7. Spiderweb Pancakes

Decadent breakfasts make weekend mornings worth the wait. These Spiderweb Pancakes are an ingenious way to turn boring circular flapjacks into fun, kid-friendly breakfast gems. By pouring the batter into a squeeze bottle, kids can drizzle unique designs onto the skillet, just make sure an adult’s there to help with the stove and the flipping. (Recipe and photo: Super Healthy Kids)

Spiderweb Pancakes from Super Healthy Kids plus 10 other Foodie Halloween Projects for Kids


8. Yummy Mummy Pizzas

Pizza is already a blast to make at home, especially in miniature form, but these Yummy Mummy pizzas give kids’ favorite italian dish a fantastic Halloween flavor. Cheesy bandages and veggie eyeballs give dinner all the character you never knew it needed. (Recipe and photo: Curry and Comfort)

Yummy Mummy Pizzas from Curry and Comfort plus 10 other Foodie Halloween Projects for Kids


9. Green Monster Zucchini Noodles

Green Monster Zucchini Noodles are another great way to turn a traditional pasta dish into a fun Halloween-time meal that the whole family will get a kick out of. Pesto makes the green pallor for this stringy monster, mozzarella and black olives make perfect eye balls, and red pepper makes a slithering tongue. Put all the veggie parts on the table so your little ghouls can fashion their own monster, or follow our lead and pack a serving in your kid’s lunchbox for a killer Halloween themed meal at school. (Recipe and photo: Inspiralized)

Green Monster Zucchini Noodles  plus 10 other Foodie Halloween Projects for Kids


10. Vampire Apples

Apples, peanut butter, and pistachios come together as an unexpected edible addition to the perfect vampire costume. So much better than wax or processed gummy lips, these tasty teeth utilize healthy ingredients without draining any of the fun. (Recipe and photo: Cooking by Moonlight)

Vampire Apples from Cooking by Moonlight plus 10 other Foodie Halloween Projects for Kids


11. Broomsticks

Pretzel sticks, mozzarella cheese, and fresh chives, oh my! These wicked broomsticks are creative, yummy, and, depending on who’s eating them, may bring forth visions of yellow brick roads, gingerbread houses deep in the forest, Eastwick, or an intense game of Quidditch. But no matter which witch you imagine riding these little brooms, every kid can get involved in their creation. Older kids can snip the cheese with clean kitchen scissors and smaller fingers can attach the broomhandle-pretzels to the cheese bristles. Faster than you can flick a wand or stir a cauldron, these little treats will be ready to fly. (Recipe and Photo: The Kitchen Life of a Navy Wife)

Pretzel Cheese Broomsticks from The Kitchen Life of a Navy Wife plus 10 other Foodie Halloween Projects for Kids