30+ Thanksgiving Pie Recipes

We recently did a roundup of delicious non-pie dessert ideas for anyone looking to diversify their dessert spread this Thanksgiving, and promised that we would follow up with an epic list of pies. We would now like to pay tribute to a category of food that comes in all tastes, textures, shapes (well, usually circles) and sizes – one which has been part of our annual celebration since the very beginning.



Classic Thanksgiving Pie Recipes plus 25 more delicious pies for Thanksgiving

1. Classic Apple Pie: There’s nothing quite as inviting or comforting as warm apple pie fresh out of the oven. It’s like a big, warm, all-American after-dinner hug. (Recipe and photo: Pastry Affair)

2. Pumpkin Pie: While known to have been enjoyed by early settlers, it is likely that this silky pie’s humble beginnings involved more of a pudding. We would like to give thanks to whoever had the brilliant idea to put a crust on it. (Recipe and photo: Heather Homemade)

3. Sweet Potato Pie: A root-vegetable-based Southern staple whose roots trace back to the early colonial days. Similar to pumpkin pie, people usually go for one or the other. If you’re a lover of both, however, scroll down, as we have a solution for you. (Recipe and photo: Food Babbles)

4. Pecan Pie with Bourbon: This one popped up on holiday tables sometime after all the others but is beheld as a traditional Thanksgiving dessert nonetheless. Loading it up with bourbon turns it into a nightcap. (Recipe and photo: Peanut Butter and Dill Pickles)



Thanksgiving Apple Pie Recipes plus 25 more delicious pies for Thanksgiving

1. Homemade Small Apple Pie: A smaller version of the classic that requires only two apples, made with juicy honeycrisps and a simple homemade crust. (Recipe and photo: Dessert For Two)

2. Chai Apple Pie: Feel like spicing things up? Adding a host of chai spices will do the trick. (Recipe and photo: The Kitchen Paper)

3. Dutch Pumpkin Apple Pie: A layer of apple pie sits upon a layer of pumpkin pie and two pies become one, covered with a delicious crumb topping to seal the deal. (Recipe and photo: Little B Cooks)

4. Raw Apple Cream Pie: Vegan, Gluten-Free, No-bake and no added sugar. Juicy apples sit atop a nutty crust and a creamy layer crafted from cashews. (Recipe and photo: Oh, Ladycakes)



Thanksgiving Pumpkin Pie Recipes plus 25 more delicious pies for Thanksgiving

1. Mile High Pumpkin Pie with Pecan Streusel: Tall, proud and sprinkled with streusel, those familiar, silky mouthfuls come with a crunch. (Recipe and photo: Budget Gourmet Mom)

2. Gingerbread Eggnog Pumpkin Pie: Encompassing everything we love about the holiday season. (Recipe and photo: Thumb in Plum)

3. Layered White Chocolate Pumpkin Cream Pie: 100% homemade pumpkin pudding matched with a no-roll pie crust and a sweet cream cheese layer (hello there, pumpkin cheesecake fans). (Recipe and photo: Cafe Johnsonia on Petit Elefant)

4. Vegan Pumpkin Pie: By putting coconut milk, dates and walnuts to creative use you can fashion a version that everyone can enjoy… without ever opening the oven. (Recipe and photo: The Spunky Coconut)


Thanksgiving Chocolate Pie Recipes plus 25 more delicious pies for Thanksgiving

1. Banoffee Surprise Pie: So many layers. Some are fluffy. Some are gooey. All are delicious. (Recipe and photo: Sprinkled With Flour via NoshOn.It)

2. Chocolate Pumpkin Pie: Is it a pumpkin pie with a chocolate swirl… or a chocolate pie with a pumpkin swirl? (Recipe and photo: Heather Christo)

3. Guinness Oatmeal Stout Pie: Similar in its sticky texture to pecan pie, this pie brilliantly brings chocolate and Guiness together. (Recipe and photo: Cake Walk via NoshOn.It)

4. Chocolate Silk Pie: Introducing a healthier chocolate mousse (dairy-free). (Recipe and photo: Natural Sweet Recipes)



Mini Pie Recipes plus 25 more delicious pies for Thanksgiving

1. Pear and Cranberry Individual Pies: With ginger, cinnamon and cardamom, cozy, tart little personal pies are full of holiday flair. (Recipe and photo: My Baking Addiction)

2. Mini Pumpkin Pies: Made in mason jar lids, these are almost too adorable to consume (almost). (Recipe and photo: Mason Jar Crafts Love)

3. Mini Caramel Apple Hand Pies: Full of sweet, tart, fit-in-your-hand fun. Easy as… well, you know. (Recipe and photo: Freutcake)

4. Mini Chocolate Almond Butter Pies: Not-your-average peanut (almond) butter cup. (Recipe and photo: Knead to Cook)

5. Mini Salted Pecan Pies: A touch of course sea salt to make every bite a little bit more interesting. (Recipe and photo: Sally’s Baking Addiction)

6. Chocolate Bourbon Caramel Mini Pumpkin Pies: Made in a muffin tray. As it should be with any bite-sized morsel, each layered bite packs quite a punch. (Recipe and photo: Carolina Girl Cooks)



Unique Pie Recipes plus 25 more delicious pies for Thanksgiving

1. Rustic Maple Caramel Pie: We don’t think it can get any more autumnal than this. (Recipe and photo: Little Market Kitchen)

2. Winter Squash Pies: No plates necessary – this pie is baked right into the squash! Such a brilliant way to go crustless (rendering these pies gluten-free). (Recipe and photo: Adventures in Cooking)

3. Thanksgiving Pie Tarts: Having trouble deciding which pies should take the cake? This provides a way to cover all the bases (pumpkin, pecan and sweet potato) without overdoing it. (Recipe and photo: Savory Simple)

4. Sour Cream Raisin Pie: Raisins plumped up with vanilla mixed in with a creamy-yet-light custardy filling. Sound crazy? Try it and find out. (Recipe and photo: Boulder Locavore)

5. Shoofly Pie with Pecans and White Cherries: A rich dessert with a rich history, in festive form. (Recipe and photo: He Needs Food)



(Because we may not be able to wait until dessert.)

Thanksgiving Savory Pie Recipes plus 25 more delicious pies for Thanksgiving

1. Brie and Jam Pretzel Hand Pies: Sweet and savory pretzel-crusted bites make for some solid pre-feast noshing. Who doesn’t love a little cheese/jam synergy? (Recipe and photo: Girl Versus Dough)

2. Butternut Squash Goat Cheese Hand Pies: Flaky pockets encase one of our favorite fall gourds, blended with garlic and sage. Served in individual portions in order to squash any discrepancies. (Recipe and photo: Style Sweet CA)

3. Roasted Autumn Vegetable Pot Pies: A hearty medley of seasonal vegetables blanketed in a black pepper rosemary crust, neither overly dense, nor excessively creamy. (Recipe and photo: The Candid Appetite)

4. Wild Mushroom Potato Pie: Dear fans of fungus: you will go wild once you see what lies beneath this top layer of golden potato medallions. (Recipe and photo: Keepin It Kind)


What’s your go-to Thanksgiving pie recipe? Let us know in the comments!