10+ Creative Ways to Package Cookies for the Holidays

Picture this: Your sleeves are powdered with flour, there’s chocolate under your fingernails and sugar in your hair, the sink is filled with dirty dishes and every surface of your kitchen is covered with freshly baked cookies. Sounds like you baked cookies for all of your friends, colleagues and family. A great idea if we do say so ourselves, but you’re not done yet. Time to get wrapping!

Baking cookies at home is a cost-effective way to spread holiday cheer amongst those you care about, but packaging those cookies is an art of its own. From fancy jars to empty egg crates, there are dozens of containers in which to store and present all those homemade goodies. We’ve collected some of the best ideas from the web, including several that use common items so you don’t have to drop a lot of dough (pun fully intended).


Coffee Mug Packaging

Fill a mug with biscotti, wrap the entire package with plastic and secure it with a festive ribbon. It’s two gifts in one! (Photo from Bright Eyed Baker)

cookie packaging ideas - coffee mug


See-Through Plastic Wrap

See-through wrapping paper or plastic allows the recipient to see your hard work from afar. This is especially great if you make this awesome Christmas tree cookie puzzle! (Photo from Things for Boys)

cookie packaging ideas - plastic wrap


DIY Paper Gift Bags

Make your own paper bags with printed labels. All you need are some brown lunch bags, cut and shaped to size, and sealed with a custom label that can be printed on stickers. Fill with a few cookies, secure with a toothpick and you’re done! (Instructions and photo from Spoon Fork Bacon)

cookie packaging ideas - DIY paper gift bags


Origami Gift Boxes

These customizable tiny boxes are perfect for small cookies like macarons. Pick out stylish scrapbook paper and fold your own gift boxes. Follow these instructions at Wiki How to make your own. (Photo from Design. Bake. Run.)

cookie packaging ideas - origami boxes


Egg Carton Gift Boxes

How many dozens of eggs do you go through each holiday season to fuel your baking frenzy? Rather than chuck those empty egg cartons into your recycling bin, up-cycle them into custom gift boxes with a little paint, ribbon or glitter – whatever your poison! Plus, the grooves of the egg crate create perfect nests for bite sized cookies or truffles. (Photo from British Cream Tea)

cookie packaging ideas - egg carton boxes


Wine Bags

Repurpose a canvas or cloth wine bag by stuffing it with a tower of freshly baked cookies. Seal with a bow and surprise unsuspecting recipients with your homemade treats. (Photo from Real Simple)

cookie packaging ideas - wine bags


Cardboard Loaf Pan

These days, it’s incredibly easy to find single-use baking supplies from aluminum foil cupcake tins to cardboard loaf pans for holiday bread-making. Decorative loaf pans double as a great open-top box for cookie gifting. Wrap as many cookies as will fit in plastic wrap, tuck them in to the loaf pan and secure the whole package with a bow. (Photo from A Spoonful of Sugar)

cookie packaging ideas - cardboard loaf pans


Pringles Cans

Turn your Pringles addiction into perfect cookie containers by painting the surface or attaching scrapbook paper for a fresh new look, and then replacing the chips with small, stackable cookies. This creative trick will hardly cost a dime and provides a fun new way to share the cookie love. (Instructions and photo from Sense and Simplicity)

cookie packaging ideas - pringles cans


Take Out Boxes

Fill iconic takeout boxes with homemade cookies and decorate them however you choose for a novel and adorable presentation. Just be sure to buy new containers – no one wants chocolate chip with a hint of sichuan peppers, otherwise known as Kung Pao cookies. (Photo from The Blackberry Vine)

cookie packaging ideas - fortune cookie takeout boxes


M&M Cookies (Mix) in a Jar

If you want to give the gift of homemade cookies without actually baking cookies, why not give a DIY cookie mix: all of the dry ingredients, beautifully presented in a mason jar. (Recipe and photo from Damn Delicious)

cookie packaging ideas - m&ms in a jar


Cookie Dough in an Ice Cream Carton

Take the gift of DIY one step further by mixing up cookie dough that can rest peacefully in the freezer until the recipient desires some homemade cookies without the fuss. Print labels with instructions and wrap the package in clear wrap to prevent freezer burn. A great accompaniment to this gift would be a small ice cream scoop to yield perfectly uniform balls of dough for baking. (Photo from Take a Megabite on Betty Crocker)

cookie packaging ideas -cookie dough containers



Cookie Cutter Fudge

Want a homemade and very thoughtful gift for cookie lovers? Our featured blogger Carla has just the trick for you! Chocolate fudge molded in cookie cutters. It’s two gifts in one! (Recipe and photo from Chocolate Moosey)

cookie packaging ideas - cookie cutter fudge