Cure Your Hangover with These 12 Bloody Mary Recipes

In this recipe round up, we’re talking classic cocktails with a twist–the Bloody Mary. It’s a beloved Sunday brunch staple and a hangover cure-all that can redeem any lasting ailment. But we’ll let you be the judge on that one after this past weekend’s St. Patrick’s Day festivities. All of those vitamins and minerals have to do something, right? Most people think of this vegetal drink as being a vodka and tomato juice based cocktail mixed with a blend of spices. Although we love a classic Bloody Mary, there are just too many variations out there to pass up on. To mix it up a bit, we’ve rounded up some of our favorites that will knock your guests’ socks off. From spicy to frozen to smoky, there’s something for everyone.

1. Ultimate Bloody Mary

Grab your cocktail shaker and mix up the ultimate version of a Bloody Mary studded with spices and tabasco sauce. Load up the garnish with everything from pickles to cheese to make it truly out of this world. (Recipe and photo: Climbing Grier Mountain)

The Ultimate Bloody Mary

2. Bloody Maria

Swap out tequila for vodka and add a dose of lime to liven up this classic. A handful of cilantro brightens up the flavor making it the perfect accompaniment for huevos rancheros. (Recipe and photo: Girl Versus Dough)

Bloody Maria

3. The Bloody Beer (aka the Michelada)

Oven roasting the tomatoes and onions in this beer-based bloody mary version provides a great depth of flavor that you can’t achieve in bottled mixes. And for the casual brunch’s partner in crime, beer adds the perfect down-home touch. (Recipe and photo: My Man’s Belly)

Bloody Beer

4. The Caesar Cocktail

For a North of the Border libation, look no further than the Canadian’s call to a bloody mary, starting with a base of Clamato, which is a blend of tomato juice and clam juice. (Recipe and photo: Cookin’ Canuk)

Caesar Cocktail

5. Chili Mango Bloody Mary

Dream of warmer temperatures with this tropical spin on the classic. The lime balances out the sweetness of the mango, and the chili-rimmed glass adds just the right amount of kick to the cocktail. (Recipe and photo: The Fitchen)

Chili Mango Bloody Mary

6. Cucumber Blonde Bloody Mary

The replacement of vodka for blonde beer lightens up the tomato-based drink, along with the addition of freshly juiced cucumber. (Recipe and photo: The Candid Appetite featured on NoshOn.It)

Cucumber Blonde Bloody Mary

7. Verde Mary Cocktail

The beverage counterpart to fried green tomatoes, the Verde Mary Cocktail is blended with fresh green tomatoes, tomatillos, and cilantro for a zippy finish. (Recipe and photo: Grab a Plate)

Verde Mary Cocktail

8. Frozen Bloody Mary

Blended frozen tomatoes and tomato juice makes for a slushy experience, and doesn’t skimp on flavor. It’s great any time of the year, but especially in sweltering summer heat, when we yearn for those cool winter days. (Recipe and photo: Cookie and Kate)

Frozen Bloody Mary

9. Redless Snapper

Tomato water isn’t the flavorless liquid you may think it would be, but instead a concentrated base of flavors–like making a stock for a soup. Gin lends a refreshing twist and enhances the rest of the cocktail. (Recipe and photo: The Bitten Word)

Redless Snapper

10. Bacon Bloody Mary

Bacon isn’t just for your plate anymore. Smoky bacon-infused vodka kicks this Clamato and bloody mary mix-based drink up a notch, especially when topped with a crispy piece as a garnish. (Recipe and photo: Daydreamer Desserts)

Bacon Bloody Mary

11. Bloody Meari

Taking on an international flair, the Bloody Meari is spiked with sake and freshly grated wasabi root. It’s smooth, refined, and packs a punch of flavor with each sip. (Recipe and photo: 84th & 3rd)

Bloody Meari

12. Wasabi Bloody Mary

When tabasco sauce doesn’t quite make the cut on upping the spicy factor in your Bloody, try a touch of wasabi powder. It’s a surefire way to clear both a lingering headache and your sinuses. (Recipe and photo: A Beautiful Mess)

Wasabi Bloody Mary

Where was the best Bloody Mary you’ve ever had? What made it so good? Let us know in the comments!