8 Authentic Curry Recipes from Around the World

A staple in most Asian cuisines, curry most probably originated in India and has since spread around the world, with regional cultures tweaking ingredients and spices catering to what was available locally. Even though curry has become a more popular dish to be made at home, with a long ingredient list homemade curry powders can be intimidating to the home chef. These recipes break it down for curry novices and highlight the ways curry has evolved as it’s spread.


Channa Masala – Indian Chickpea Curry

Let’s start off with a classic- channa masala, a great intro Indian dish with layered spices and chickpeas. Hungry for more Indian favorites? We’ve got you covered. (Recipe and photo: NoshOn.It)

Channa Masala - Indian Chickpea Curry

Creamy Goan Black-Eyed Pea Curry

Forget long ingredient lists- this curry makes use of a few common spices and just happens to be vegan and gluten-free. (Recipe and photo: Girl Cooks World)

Creamy Goan Black-Eyed Pea Curry


Beef Rendang

CNN readers voted nearly 35,000 times to declare rendang the World’s Best Food and it’s definitely one of our faves. An Indonesian and Malaysian speciality, think of this rendang as a Southeast Asian beef stew to warm you through the last days of winter. (Recipe and photo: No Recipes)

Beef Rendang


African Vegetable Curry

A relative unknown in the U.S., African cuisine is well worthy of love! Vegetable dense and hearty, cloves and zucchini are the defining characteristics of this curry. (Recipe and photo: Naturally Ella) 

African Vegetarian Curry


Vegan Red Thai Curry

A hint of heat, easy, and vegan to boot, red thai curry is one of the most popular varieties in this curry-loving country. (Recipe and photo: The Corner Kitchen) 

Vegan Red Thai Curry

Thai Fish Yellow Curry

We love barramundi, a sustainable fish with mild flavor and meaty texture perfect for a traditional fish curry. Bonus: no intimidating fish heads for picky eaters! (Recipe and photo: Very Culinary) 

Thai Fish Yellow Curry with Barramundi


Japanese Curry

Mild and sweet, Japanese curry is curry without a kick with a nearly creamy finish. (Recipe and photo: No Recipes) 

Homemade Japanese Curry Rice Homemade Japanese Curry Rice

Trinidad and Tobago

Trinidadian Chicken Potato Curry

Traditionally used to pickle vegetables in India, in the Caribbean, spice blend amchar masala is first roasted before being added to simple curries like this one. Region specific bonnet peppers provide the spicy flavor characteristic of the islands. (Recipe and photo: Munchin with Munchkin)

Trinidadian Chicken Potato Curry