Introducing #PizzaWeek 2014 - a blogging celebration for the love of pizza

We’re so excited to announce the launch of #PizzaWeek – our first week-long blogging extravaganze along with 20+ other bloggers in celebration of pretty much the best thing in the world…PIZZA! There are more details on how #PizzaWeek works below but suffice to say that this week is going to get you to throw the delivery menu away and get in the kitchen to sling some pizza dough of your own.

Where did this idea come from? Several weeks  ago, Heidi of FoodieCrush posted this photo on her Facebook page…and it got us thinking. Why not dedicate an entire week to celebrating the joy of cheese, carbs, and cheese on top of carbs? You like all of those things, right?

People Disappoint, Pizza is Eternal

Pizza is loved by pretty much everyone and, let’s face it, kale salads are getting a little boring. We asked a group of our featured bloggers who are fellow pizza-lovers to join us in a week-long blogging extravaganza of making pizza at home. On NoshOn.It, you’ll be seeing different kinds of classic pizza recipes every day of the week. On the sites of the participating bloggers, you’ll be seeing their creative takes on the pizza they love. All pizza, all week, all the time.

We’ll all be sharing on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram using the hashtag #PizzaWeek and we encourage you to share your favorite recipes using the hashtag as well! Want to follow along on Pinterest? We created a “Pizza Pizza!” board where all of the participating bloggers will be pinning their recipes. You can follow along here:



And now, introducing the list of #PizzaWeek Bloggers:


Completely Delicious

The Corner Kitchen

Climbing Grier Mountain

Girl Versus Dough

The Vintage Mixer

Feeling Foodish (featured on NoshOn.It)


Cafe Johnsonia

Very Culinary

Mountain Mama Cooks

Heather Homemade (featured on NoshOn.It)


Dine & Dish

The Kitchen Prep

The Fitchen



Today’s Nest

Foodness Gracious

Kimchi Mom

Cannella Vita

Pineapple and Coconut

Katie at the Kitchen Door (featured on NoshOn.It)


Boulder Locavore

Jelly Toast

Dessert for Toast

The Clever Carrot

We can’t wait to share all of these recipes with you and hope you’ll join us in sharing the love of pizza!