Interview with Cookbook Author Stephanie Wise of Quick Bread Love

Today, we’re sitting down with the uber-talented and ever-so-lovely Stephanie Wise, blogger behind Girl Versus Dough (and a longtime NoshOn.It featured blogger) and newly minted author of her first eCookbook, Quick Bread Love: 30+ Easy, Tasty Recipes for Loaves, Muffins, Scones, and Biscuits. We got our hands on a special release copy of the book a few weeks ago and, let me tell you, I couldn’t wait to get right into the kitchen.

Unlike other baking cookbooks that are filled with elaborate recipes that might take a long time, this one is packed with ones that sound elaborate but are actually quite easy. In fact, most can be made in under an hour. As Steph says herself:

“The name itself implies that bread gets into my belly sooner.”

Tasty carbs + in our belly sooner = the kind of cookbook we can get behind. After all, Steph is a champion of the #CarbLove movement (sorry green smoothie lovers, you’ll have to find another supporter) and dedicated her baking skills to exploring the wonderful world of quick breads to create this book.

What’s inside?

So, what will you find inside? The book is divided into 4 sections with creative and inspirational combinations of flavors and ingredients that you can find in nearly every grocery store:

  1. Sweet Quick Breads – with loaves like Brown Butter Banana and Key Lime Coconut Bread
  2. Savory Quick Breads – with a chili-worthy Caramelized Onion & Smoked Gouda Beer Bread
  3. Muffins – with morning-awakening Coconut Chai Tres Leches Muffins and 1-hour No-Yeast Cinnamon Rolls
  4. Scones, Biscuits, and Coffee Cakes: with jaw-dropping Blackberry Goat Cheese Scones and indulgent Chocolate Hazelnut Swirl Coffee Cake

And let’s not forget about our favorite recipe from the book – S’Mores Muffins, which Steph has graciously allowed us to share here.  Chocolate, graham crackers, and gooey toasted marshmallows…in breakfast form. Scroll down to the bottom of this post for a link to the recipe. Or, just click here.

S'Mores Muffins from the Quick Bread Love eCookbook

In addition, since this is an eCookbook, it’s much more than just a “book!” With three tiers of packages, you can not only get the basic book, recipes, and Steph’s “Tips for Baking Bliss,” but you can also get her baking cheat sheet, a video tutorial, beautiful wallpapers for your computer and smartphone, printable recipe cards, and even a mini companion book of Butters, Spreads, & Glazes to schmear all over your quick breads. It’s a great gift for the baker in your life…or just for you. Staring at muffins equals quintessential bedtime reading in our house.

How to Purchase Quick Bread Love

To purchase the book + extras, simply visit this page.

Once you buy it, everything gets sent right to you so you can start baking today.

7 Questions with Steph

We wanted to learn more about Steph’s inspiration for the book so we sat down to interview her about the process of going from a blogger to a published author, which baker she looks up to the most, and which quick bread would get all of her #CarbLove.

1. Where did the inspiration for writing Quick Bread Love come from?

Quick breads are my favorite breads to bake (I mean, hello — the name itself implies that bread gets into my belly sooner) because they are so easy, so versatile and so delicious. But I actually didn’t come up with the idea to write a full eCookbook about them until I surveyed my readers. Quick breads beat out no-knead breads, whole grain breads and pretzels (my original idea) by a landslide. Apparently they, too, love eating carbs as soon as possible. So that’s how “Quick Bread Love” came to be.

2. You’ve been a blogger for several years now. What was it like to make the transition to becoming a cookbook author and self-publisher?

Blogging and publishing an eCookbook are vastly different things, I quickly learned. Blogging is so immediate: You come up with a recipe, test it, make it, photograph it and write a post about it, and then it’s out there and people can react to it immediately.

With an eCookbook, there is so much more planning ahead involved — including recipe development/testing (and re-testing and re-testing), photography, design, marketing, editing, etc. And you also don’t know immediately how people are going to react to the recipes, which makes it much more of an investment and a risk.

All of that to say, it was a huge learning curve and a lot of hard work, but I really enjoyed the process and the outcome.

3. There are some seriously delicious flavor combinations and recipes in the book like Key Lime Coconut Bread, Roasted Blueberry-Basil Cornbread, and Blackberry Goat Cheese Scones. Where do you come up with this stuff??

Um, welcome to my crazy brain? Some of my ideas literally are made up out of thin air (and not all of them taste as great as they sound, as I have learned), while others are inspired by recipes I see in magazines, in cookbooks, on Pinterest, etc. And some are born out of a challenge, like the Blackberry Goat Cheese Scones; my mom hates goat cheese so I set out to make a recipe with it that she’d actually like (the jury is still out on that one, but I’m convinced she’ll love them).

4. Your book has an entire section dedicated to “Tips for Baking Bliss.” What’s the one thing that you think bakers most often do wrong when it comes to making quick breads?

Overmixing the batter, for sure. It’s the number one reason quick breads end up so tough and dense and just blech. You want to be oh-so-gentle when you mix the batter, even to the point where it seems slightly undermixed. That’s what will yield a soft, fluffy, tender quick bread (or muffin, scone or biscuit).

5. Who is your baking idol and why?

Oooh, good question! It’s a cross between my grandmother and my mother — both are excellent bakers in their own right. My grandma makes a fantastic jelly roll cake that I love; and my mom is probably the reason I love quick breads so much, thanks to her amazing zucchini bread (which is in the book!). Both of them have given me so much priceless, invaluable insight into cooking and baking. Them, and Rose Levy Beranbaum. That woman knows how to work her way around an oven.

6. What is the one kitchen or baking tool that you simply can’t live without?

My KitchenAid stand mixer, no question. I use it every day and I love it and it’s my favorite. Mine dutifully helped me make every recipe in the eCookbook and keep my sanity while doing it. I’m going to go give it a hug right now.

7. If you could give all of your #CarbLove to just one quick bread, who would get it?

Ah, you would! If I had to choose, I’d say all my #CarbLove goes to the Peaches & Cream Streusel Bread in the eCookbook. It’s filled with juicy fresh peaches and tangy sour cream and topped with a buttery streusel and I just… sigh. I have been known to singlehandedly devour the whole thing in about two days whenever I make it.

Get the recipe for Steph’s S’Mores Muffins here >>

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