How to Make Peeps S'Mores for Easter

We’re going to keep this one brief, because sometimes the best (read: most ridiculous) things in life deserve as little explanation as possible. I (Vijay) would like to take credit for this one but, in reality, all kudos for this idea goes to my Easter (and Peep)-obsessed colleague Kate who insisted that we had to make this happen.

Ask and ye shall receive Kate!

After all, Peeps are just neon-colored, sugar-coated marshmallows so they make the perfect insertion into classic s’mores. If you have a fire pit, skewer these little guys onto a stick and roast them up (and please, send us a picture) or, if you’d rather stay inside, make them in the oven like we did (more on that below).

To make things a little more fun, and since this is more of an idea than an actual “recipe,” this felt like the perfect opportunity to play around with our first animated GIF. 4 steps is all it takes to make these Peeps S’mores so check this out…or, keep scrolling down to see the step-by-step instructions in slowwww mooooooo.

How to Make Peeps S'Mores for Easter

Not bad for a first try, right?

Step 1: Gather all of the ingredients. That means: graham crackers, Hershey’s milk chocolate (for heaven’s sake, keep it classic for this one), and whatever combo of Peeps you like! I picked up hot pink, purple, and some yellow bunnies. Warning: there are about 39458 types of Peeps these days so make sure you get the traditional flavor and no fruity flavor. That would be weird).

Ingredients for Peeps S'Mores

Step 2: Preheat the oven to the broiler setting and place the oven rack on the lowest shelf. We want the Peeps and chocolate to melt and lightly brown without catching on fire!

Step 3: On a baking sheet, assemble the s’mores, leaving the top graham cracker off. One of the benefits of making these in the oven is that you can make a ton at a time.

How to Assemble Peeps S'Mores

Step 4: Place the tray into the oven for 3-4 minutes, watching it closely. When the Peeps puff up and are lightly browned on top, it’s ready to go!

Step 5: Remove from the oven, smush those little guys down with another graham cracker and eat.

Peeps S'Mores

From the family to yours, Happy Easter!

How to Make Peeps S'Mores for Easter