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Abby Himes

Yoga Instructor, Wildlife Rehabilitator, Blogger

Abby Himes from Seaweed & Sassafras

I like to have fun with food - spending my Saturday morning at the farmer's market bringing home fresh ingredients that inspire. I’m usually cooking healthy recipes, but every now and then a piece of cake sneaks in.

Abby is the recipe developer and blogger behind Seaweed & Sassafras, where she shares her creative recipes inspired by fresh ingredients. What we absolutely love is how Abby translates her desire to leave the world a little bit better than how she found it into her cooking. An avid farmer’s market shopper, she uses local and organic ingredients to create adventurous, well-balanced dishes that showcase the best of what’s in season. On her your blog, you’ll find a diverse collection of mostly healthy recipes with the occasional sweet treat that will leave you feeling inspired to get back in the kitchen.

Head over to Seaweed & Sassafras and say hello to Abby on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.