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Alejandra Ramos

Food & Lifestyle Writer, Blogger, TV Contributor

Alejandra Ramos from Always Order Dessert

To me, cooking is about pleasure, comfort, and seduction. I love food that leaves an impression. I really believe if you begin with quality ingredients, you can afford to be a little decadent. There's no room for guilt at my table!

Alejandra is truly a culinary renaissance woman. As the writer and blogger behind Always Order Dessert, her passion for food and writing shines through, with each of her recipes sharing a story behind what inspired the dish. And little did we know that, like us, she’s a culinary adventurer! In 2004, she packed up her belongings and moved to Florence, Italy where she enrolled in culinary school and immersed herself in the local culture. Her experiences, travels, and interactions have influenced her recipes and writing, which reflect her attitude for “carefree” cooking and her belief that there’s always  room for a bit more sweetness.

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