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Alex and Sonja Overhiser

Graphic Designers, Small Business Owners

Alex and Sonja Overhiser

Our philosophy is to keep it simple and approachable, with a focus on whole foods and seasonal ingredients. We believe cooking and eating whole foods can lead to a healthier, happier life - and is just plain fun!

Alex and Sonja describe their diet as “flexitarian” – mainly vegetarian, but with the freedom to enjoy all food. Together, they form the voice of A Couple Cooks, a blog that encourages home cooking with whole foods and is home to their collection of flexitarian recipes. By cooking from scratch and using fresh, seasonal ingredients, the two are able create healthy meals that are also beautiful and crave-worthy, which we all know is no easy feat. Alex and Sonja’s philosophy is always present in the friendly, inspiring narrative behind all of their recipes, where you will find advice on eating mindfully and many helpful tips (such as how to grow your own herbs). This cooking couple is a great example of how two heads are better one, and to further demonstrate their dedication to helping people be happy and healthy, all of the money they make from their blog is donated to charity!

Head over to A Couple Cooks and say hello to Alex and Sonja on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.