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Allie Roomberg


Allie Roomberg from Baking a Moment

I love spending quiet time in my kitchen, and dreaming up new and inventive twists on classic recipes. It feels great to be able to offer your loved ones home-baked treats, made with fresh, all-natural, wholesome ingredients!

Allie is the blogger, photographer, and self-professed food-nerd at Baking A Moment where she shares her love of baking and desserts in between juggling her two young sons. Using simple, fresh ingredients and making twists on classics are the calling cards of her inventive style, meaning recipes are never, ever run of the mill. Bubbly, fun and clearly having a blast in the blogosphere, Allie’s writing is sure to bring a smile to your face and remind you of all the pleasures in baking! For more of Allie’s recipes, check out YinMomYangMom, which she has co-authored with her sister Mere since 2011.

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