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Amy Jo Hearron

Holistic Educator, Food Stylist, Yoga Teacher

Amy Jo Hearron

A desire to enhance health and healing through the power of food inspires my culinary adventures and the mouthwatering, nutrient-rich dishes that transpire along the way.

Amy Jo is the fresh-produce loving, photographer and writer behind Pure and Simple. On her blog, she shares her passion for nourishing, gluten-free food that have resulted from her many years of experimenting in the kitchen with local ingredients. Amy Jo’s passion for food that nourishes and heals from the inside out is beautifully documented via her artfully photographed site.  Her devotion to healing extends far beyond the kitchen – Amy Jo is a yoga instructor when she is not blogging, and her classes encourage her students to explore and evolve. Check out pictures of her serious skills (yoga and culinary!) on Pure and Simple and get inspired to do nice and delicious things for your body with Amy Jo as your guide!

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