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Ashley McLaughlin

Food Photographer, Cookbook Author, Recipe Developer

Ashley McLaughlin - Edible Perspective

My cooking philosophy is to develop recipes that are approachable and appealing to all and to share the goodness with my family and friends. I will also try tirelessly to perfect recipes for gluten-free baked goods and am always up for a good kitchen challenge!

Ashley’s thoughtful and beautiful posts on her blog, Edible Perspective, are all the more amazing when you learn that she is a completely self-taught cook and photographer. Ashley started the blog as a way to distract herself during a job search, and it turned into her full-time passion—pulling her into the world of food and photography, a combination that shines on her blog. While she focuses on vegan/vegetarian and gluten-free dishes, as that is how she prefers to eat, Ashley prides herself on creating recipes that appeal to all dietary sensibilities. To make each recipe accessible to the many diet requirements across her readers, Ashley lists ingredient substitutions for simple customization. However, don’t think that just because she has a penchant for healthy eating that Ashley doesn’t know how to indulge—her cookbook, Baked Doughnuts for Everyone, was published in 2013 and has over a hundred recipes for the sweet treat. Whether you’re looking for a new vegetarian dish, a gluten-free dessert, or expert food photography advice, you can find these things and much more at Edible Perspective.

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