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Audra Fullerton


Audra Fullerton

My cooking philosophy is that in my kitchen you'll see a mix of simple classics and more challenging techniques that help me grow as a baker. I love baking with seasonal fruits and vegetables and creating something delicious and beautiful at the same time!

A woman of many titles, Audra is a newlywed, expectant mother, performer, and the heart and soul behind The Baker Chick. She created her blog in 2011 to document her culinary adventures in her tiny New York kitchen and hasn’t looked back since. With years of baking under her belt, Audra has discovered the secret to a life filled with sweets — sharing is caring! She’s quick to enjoy her creations with friends and family and shares her great recipes and beautiful photos with the rest of us.

Head over to The Baker Chick and say hello to Audra on FacebookTwitter, and Pinterest.