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Bev Weidner

Food Photographer, Eater, Blogger, Burper

Bev Weidner from Bev Cooks

Cooking is so awesome. It's challenging, therapeutic, rewarding, but mainly it's just a fun time for me. And the end result IS EATING FOOD, I mean come on.

First things first, Bev might just be the funniest food blogger on this planet. She’s the voice behind the popular food blog Bev Cooks, where she shares her unique and typically savory recipes and cooking adventures from her Kansas City home. One of the things we love most about Bev is that her writing style just draws you in and keeps you coming back for more…in that “I love you and I don’t even know you” sort of way. Witty, sarcastic, and full of life, Bev’s flair translates into her recipes, which are creative, foodie spins on classic homemade favorites.

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