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Brandy O’Neill

Food Blogger & Recipe Developer

Brandy O'Neill - Nutmeg Nanny

I want my food to appeal to a wide variety of readers so I try to use simple techniques and ingredients. I'm big on flavor and spice and love to make food that reminds me of my childhood or traveling abroad.

Brandy is the voice behind Nutmeg Nanny. Each recipe comes with a little snippet of Brandy’s life in the Hudson Valley as she cooks through her collection of family-approved recipes. Whether it’s a hardcore vegan dish for her brother, a lobster roll for her hubby, or a big slabs of steak for herself, all of Brandy’s recipes are amazing. One of our favorite dishes is her Strawberry Mascarpone Stuffed French Toast, which will make any morning special. Brandy’s recipes are packed with flavor, and her easy to follow cooking directions make it simple to enjoy the same meal at home.

Head over to Nutmeg Nanny  and say hello to Brandy on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.