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Britt LoSacco

Food Blogger, Recipe Developer

Britt LoSacco

I've learned over the years that gluten-free doesn’t have to mean deprivation. When done well, gluten-free dishes and baked goods can be just as good—and often better!—than their gluten-filled counterparts.

Britt’s discovery of her gluten intolerance several years back motivated her to start GF in the City, her blog where she began to discuss and explore her new lifestyle and experiment with recipes. It quickly became a passion, and Britt embraced her new dietary needs as a chance to explore and create in the kitchen. In fact, Britt’s passion for food and cooking only grew with the “restriction” of being gluten free. Since starting her blog, Britt has adopted a vegan diet, so her more recent recipes are vegan in addition to being GF. Whatever your dietary needs, Britt’s enthusiasm to create fun, delicious food is contagious and her thoughtful write-ups will keep you wanting to read more.

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