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Cheryl Malik

Web Designer, Recipe Developer, Food Photographer

Cheryl Malik of 40 Aprons

I'm a web designer & professional food blogger who believes that food should be usually healthy, but not always. It’s my way of expressing affection. Sometimes that means, I love you, live forever. Sometimes it means, I love you, eat pie!

Cheryl is your relatable, sassy kitchen fashionista doling out restaurant quality (or better) recipes at 40 Aprons. Breaking down complex, difficult sounding recipes into their simple components with a dash of humor, Cheryl brings out the master chef in all of us. (Yes, even you!) Not only that, but most of her recipes are friendly to those with dietary restrictions, eliminating the foodie jealousy that would undoubtedly occur given the high-quality shots within. Multi-talented, Cheryl also runs a blogger marketing startup and shares her technical knowledge through posts on topics such as how to photograph food and build connections to other food bloggers.

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