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Daisy Thompson

Food Lover, Blogger, and Photographer

Daisy Thompson

I believe in using fresh, seasonal ingredients to create simple, yet delicious and elegant dishes. My kitchen is a happy place, where I can express my creativity and flair, and I hope to inspire my readers to make their kitchens a happy one as well.

If you’re looking to eat seasonal, look no further for a muse than to Daisy, who often lets her southern Californian garden dictate what she cooks. Professionally trained as a chef, Daisy now shares her expertise on Daisy’s World, imparting simple, fresh, gourmet dishes for the everyday chef and their farmers market bounty. With every kind of sweet and savory covered, Daisy’s gorgeous creations are the solution for brunch, kid’s snacks, adult cocktails or a fancy dinner party – Daisy’s tried everything and now you can too.

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