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Deborah Duncan

Recipe Developer and Photographer

Deborah Duncan from Delicious Happens

I sort of follow the K.I.S.S. rule in the kitchen. Keep it simple sweetheart. I cook with fresh wholesome foods, little sugar, low fat, and I like simple recipes. The more simple and natural the dish is, the better.

Deborah’s blog, Delicious Happens, illustrates the power of a simple dish with a dash of creativity. Throughout her recipes, Deborah reinvents the classics with her own personal twist, from a berry trifle to chicken piccata. With an easy switch of ingredients or preparation method, Deborah elevates her dishes to a level of sophistication you wouldn’t think possible of your old go-to salad or dessert. Without pretense or excess, Deborah creates easy, accessible meals that taste like home. Each recipe reflects her personal experience with food from her Newport Beach kitchen, with a nod to a local restaurant or a childhood memory. Her resulting collection of recipes remind us of the foods on which we were raised, the foods that reignite flavors we had lost, until the plate is clean. And when that happens, there’s always another to try tomorrow night.

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