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Denise Woodward and Laudalino (Lenny) Ferreira

Webcast Producers, Food Photographers and Bloggers

Denise Woodward and Laudalino Ferreira

Cooking should be fun! Whether we are cooking at home or in the great outdoors we want our recipes to be fresh, seasonal and simple enough to make wherever life takes you.

Denise and Lenny are the dynamic duo behind Chez Us, a beautiful site where sharing delicious recipes is the main purpose. Denise learned to cook from her Basque great grandmother, and Lenny developed his love of food through his Portuguese upbringing. Together, Denise and Lenny travel, cook, and eat their way through the seasons. Through their beautiful photography and simple to follow recipes, they work hard to bring great food to people’s homes.

Head over to Chez Us and say hello to Denise and Lenny on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.