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Erika Council

Software Engineer by day- Home Cook/Blogger on Nights and Weekends

Erika Council - Southern Souffle

I'm a believer in soul food, food that you put your heart and soul into to feed those who you love or all who are hungry. It's more than just a recipe.

Erika is the seasoned and passionate voice behind Southern Soufflé. As a native of the South—North Carolina, Louisiana, and then Georgia—she can be considered an expert in the ways of Southern cooking. Learning the art of making the perfect biscuit as a child, Erika was always a natural in the kitchen. She continued her culinary journey in college when she decided to serve comfort food out of her dorm room where she was given the name that would later inspire her blog, Southern Souffle. Her recipes range anywhere from traditional Southern soul foods to delicious twists on the well-known classics. We love Erika’s style of cooking by using classic ingredients like bourbon and cane syrup and cooking in a cast iron skillet whenever possible. Whatever Erika makes in the kitchen, we know we can count on her to bring it to her readers honestly and with lots of Southern soul.

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