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Erin Collins

Recipe Developer, Mother, Runner, Lover of All Things Food

Erin Collins from Meaningful Eats

I love making delicious food that just happens to be gluten-free. As the only person in my family and circle of friends who can't eat gluten, my goal is to make gluten-free food I can eat, but all my loved ones will still enjoy! Not just "pretty good for gluten-free." But delicious in its own right!

Erin is the recipe developer and blogger behind Meaningful Eats where she shares her love for food and just-happen-to-be gluten free recipes with us. As a former food scientist, avid entertainer, and the only person in her family who can’t eat gluten, Erin’s challenge has been to create gluten free recipes that she can eat and her family and friends will actually love in a way that’s beyond “not bad for gluten-free.” Because of that, her recipes are carefully tested, seasonal, sometimes healthy, and sometimes just a bit indulgent for all of us to enjoy.

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