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Erin Scott

Food + Lifestyle Photographer, Food Writer

Erin Scott from Yummy Supper

For me, all good food starts with the freshest local ingredients. As someone who has to be gluten-free for medical reasons, cooking from scratch is not only enjoyable, but a necessity for the health of my family. Don't worry there's no deprivation in our household - luckily the world is filled with a delicious array of ingredients.

Erin is the photographer and writer behind Yummy Supper, a deliciously gorgeous food blog where she shares her from-scratch recipes and stunning photography from her Berkeley, CA kitchen with us. After having to move her household to a gluten-free lifestyle several years ago, Erin and her family became extraordinarily creative with creating satisfying, delicious, and healthful meals without the gluten and even discovering a new passion for food and cooking along the way. With a garden full of herbs, veggies, and fruit in their backyard, Erin’s style is seasonal, fresh, unfussy, and healthy. On top of it all, she recently announced that she’ll be writing her own cookbook!

Head over to Yummy Supper and say hello to Erin on Twitter.