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Gerry Speirs

Blogger, Stay-at-home Dad, Confectioner

Gerry Speirs from Foodness Gracious

Cooking shouldn't be a chore, It should be an adventure. I love to walk around the market taking in the sights and smells hoping inspiration will jump out in front of me. Use fresh, simple ingredients and let the flavors sing.

If you’ve ever wondered who’s a true “Super Dad,” look no further than Gerry, the blogger, stay-at-home dad, and confectioner behind Foodness Gracious where he shares his creative recipes using fresh, seasonal ingredients. After deciding to stay at home with his kids, started his blog as a way to share his culinary creations with the world while feeding the hungry mouths of his family. We love his unfussy approach to cooking and baking and the way he let’s the best ingredients shine in simple preparations. Oh, and did we mention that he’s an artisan caramel maker as well? Check out some of his confections at Tooth Sweet Artisan Caramels!

Head over to Foodness Gracious and say hello to Gerry on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.