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Hannah Pemberton

Recipe Blogger, Interior Addict, Brand Planner

Hannah Pemberton from The Kitchen Alchemist

I’m a self-taught cook that believes life’s too short for dull dishes. As a good food lover (fancy or otherwise) I’ve a particular penchant for pork pies, Bloody Marys, noodle doodles and blogging about it.

When you visit Hannah’s blog, The Kitchen Alchemist, you’ll feel as if you’re taking a trip around the world with her collection of eclectic, global recipes. From her kitchen in Manchester, England, Hannah creates dishes that are boldly-flavored, creative, but delightfully unfussy so you can enjoy them any day of the week. What’s truly astonishing is that even though she’s a self-taught cook, her culinary curiosity extends to country like Morocco, China, India, Thailand, France and, of course, her native Britain. If you’re a fan of international cuisine and love to learn about new cultures through their food, The Kitchen Alchemist is a must-visit destination!

Head over to The Kitchen Alchemist and say hello to Hannah on Twitter and Pinterest.