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Jennie Phaneuf

Food Blogger

Jennie Phaneuf from The Messy Baker

I cook what I love to eat and enjoy getting creative in the kitchen. When life gets messy, I reach for a sweet treat, and you'll find plenty on my site. I'm a lover of sprinkles, a fan of buttercream, and an avid nutella snacker.

Jennie is not afraid to get a little messy as the cook and baker extraordinaire behind The Messy Baker blog where she creates crave-worthy sweets in her Maryland kitchen. Inspired by watching her father and great grandmother cook while growing up, Jennie now channels her passion for food into creating her own variations on indulgent treats that will satisfy even those of us with the biggest sweet tooth. And, how can we resist her tagline – “Embrace life’s messy side…Make it delicious?” So go ahead, get your hands dirty. She won’t mind.

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