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Jessica Merchant

Recipe Developer, Writer, and Blogger

Jessica Merchant - How Sweet It Is

When it comes to cooking (and eating), I like to think the more the better. Not in quantity, but in variety. I cook absolutely everything… and loathe following directions. I don’t want to spend hours in the kitchen, but I want my food to taste like I did.

Inspired by her grandmothers cooking in the kitchen, Jessica Merchant started How Sweet It Is after working in the personal training business. A bacon and chocolate enthusiast, her no-frills approach to cooking has garnered a faithful following and is captured beautifully in her photography, which she promises is all done in natural light for the most authentic result. While many of her recipes include indulgent baked goods, Jessica whips up comfort food and tasty vegan fare to entice her readers over to the savory side. Aptly named, the Crumbs section of her blog gives you a behind-the-scenes look on her life spent in Pittsburgh, PA with her husband, family, and friends. From classic to quirky dishes, Jessica’s recipes are approachable and just as bubbly as her personality.

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