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Kalyn Denny

Food Blogger


Kalyn Denny from Kalyn's Kitchen

I've always been passionate about cooking but that skill became more important when I embraced low-glycemic eating. Now as a full-time blogger I share recipes at Kalyn's Kitchen and spread the slow cooker love at Slow Cooker from Scratch.

For the past 7 years, Kalyn has been a prolific and active blogger sharing her home-cooking on her blog, Kalyn’s Kitchen, with a focus on healthy and low-glycemic recipes. What we love about Kalyn’s cooking style is that it’s approachable enough for any night of the week but still inspired, creative, and delicious. With her own success on a low-glycemic index diet, she’s become a leading blogger on how we can all eat healthier without sacrificing an ounce of flavor. She also started a dedicated slow-cooking blog, Slow Cooker from Scratch, where she shares from scratch, whole-food recipes (from breakfast to dinner) that can be made in the slow-cooker.

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