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Kimberly Killebrew

Mommy, Marriage & Family Therapist, The Daring Gourmet

Originally from Europe and widely traveled, my passion is world cuisine. I love developing original recipes, revitalizing classics, and demystifying the obscure. When I’m not visiting new places by foot, I’m traveling the world through my taste buds.

Kimberly is the creative voice, photographer, and recipe creator behind The Daring Gourmet. Spending her earlier years in Europe much of the dishes featured on her blog are inspired by international cuisines. Her recipes frequently feature homemade additions like creating raw spice blends or sauces to complement the more traditional ( and non-traditional) dishes. Kimberly is also a well traveled mother to two young kids and uses her culinary skills to create healthy alternatives to sweet treats and main course meals. From Indian infused dishes to Mexican inspired adaptations, Kimberly’s culinary genius is reflected in each one of her carefully crafted recipes.

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