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Kita Roberts

Head Sausage Stuffer at Girl Carnivore

Kita Roberts - The Fig Tree

From snout to tail, I like to keep it real in the kitchen for those of us with more of a carnivorous craving than a sweet tooth.

Kita Roberts, blogger at Girl Carnivore, has made it her mission to demystify the preparation and cooking of meat. With sass, sarcasm, and skill, she empowers readers to feel comfortable in what some may consider a male-dominated realm of cooking. While you shouldn’t expect to find any vegan, vegetarian, or even dessert recipes on this site, Kita does work with a variety of proteins, including seafood, turkey, and, of course, red meat. She makes smoking, sausage stuffing, grilling, and butchering less intimidating and more approachable with her down to earth writing and step-by-step instructions. Whether you’re looking for tips and tricks or a recipe for a particular type of protein, Girl Carnivore is your new one stop shop for all things meat.

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