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Kristy Wenz

Mom/Wife, Business Owner, Foodie, Traveler

Kristy Wenz from Eat, Play, Love

In an effort to get out of the at-home, standard-fare rut and to introduce our children to other cultures around the world, my husband and I cook different recipes from around the globe with the kids participation along the way.

Kristy is a mom, wife, and blogger who, along with her family, shares a passion for travel and worldly cuisines. After they started cooking dishes from around the world as a way to expose themselves to different cultures through food, Kristy’s son suggested they document their adventures, the result of which is their blog Eat, Play, Love. Every few weeks, they choose a different part of the world to explore and cook a variety of recipes inspired by the flavors of that country, all from the comfort of their own kitchen.

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