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Lauren Craig

Lifestyle Blogger

Lauren Craig - Perpetually Chic

My recipes and styling focus on fresh, seasonal ingredients that are simply prepared and brightly photographed. I draw inspiration from the places we've traveled, great restaurant meals, and Saturday trips to the farmers' market.

Lauren believes that less is more. Chic doesn’t have to mean glitz and excess; with her blog, Perpetually Chic, Lauren’s fresh, approachable style reminds us that chic can be classic and simple. Lauren writes about cooking, fashion, home, and travel, and her tips and recommendations make you feel like you’re getting advice from a well-versed close friend. Her recipes focus on seasonal ingredients and are often inspired by her many travels, whether just to the farmers’ market in her town of Madison, Wisconsin, or to the countries of Southeast Asia. Visit Lauren’s blog, and let her voice of reason simplify your life and your kitchen.

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