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Lynda Balslev

Food Writer, Recipe Developer, Instructor, Caterer


Lynda Balslev

Creating and providing food that nourishes and connects us to our family and friends is a most simple and powerful gift.

After moving to Paris in the early 90s to study at Le Cordon Bleu, Lynda spent the next 17 years of her life living throughout Europe with stops in Geneva, London, and Copenhagen. Now living back in the U.S., TasteFood is Lynda’s blog where she shares her rustic, soul-satisfying dishes with us. Even though she is classically trained, her recipes are approachable and seasonal, often influenced by her travels from around the world. We couldn’t agree more with her “Kitchen Table Philosophy” where she says that she feels most at home wherever the kitchen table is and we’re glad to have an opportunity to have a glimpse into Lynda’s home.

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