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Mandy McGovern

Ambitious Housewife, Food Blogger

Mandy McGovern

I am a passionate home cook with the firm belief that homemade is always better. I love recreating meals from my travels in the comfort of my own home. I cherish food for its ability to capture and share experiences and memories with others in ways that words sometimes cannot.

Michigan-based, Italy-bound Mandy is the creative culinary adventurer at Kitchen Joy. Her love of travel coincides with a passion for homemade food. Mandy encourages you to take a trip down south with her Creole Jambalaya, and a leap over the Atlantic with classic Fish and Chips. Her interest in Italian cooking shines through a housewarming spinach Erbazzone and a festive and fluffy Pumpkin Tiramisu. While her everyday recipes typically serve a table of two, she knows how to celebrate special occasions with a towering Chocolate Hazelnut Crepe Cake. And beginning with soup-worthy crackers and english muffins, she’ll convince you to replace store-bought staples with simple homemade creations. No matter where her travels take her, you can count on Mandy for a lovely batch of recipes in time for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

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