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Marc Matsumoto

Food Photographer, Recipe Developer

No Recipes

Chef Marc Matsumoto

For me, food is about discovery and exploration. With a little technique, confidence and inspiration, everyone can learn to cook without recipes. That's why I focus on teaching technique, with the hope of inspiring others to find their own culinary adventures

When we started NoshOn.It, we knew that Marc, a transplant from the U.S. to Tokyo, had to be one of our first featured chefs because his mission and philosophy are so closely aligned with ours. As you’ll see from today’s recipe, Marc believes that “with a little technique, confidence, and inspiration, everyone can learn to cook without recipes.” And we feel exactly the same way! After reading Marc’s blog for a while, you’ll pick up invaluable techniques all while producing delicious meals along the way. And, you’ll be hard pressed to find more beautiful pictures of food out there.  Food porn at its best, friends.  ’Nuff said.

Make sure to say hello to Marc on his blog, on Twitter, and on Facebook.