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Marissa Stevens

Recipe Writer and Photographer

Marissa Stevens-Pinch and Swirl

I love to cook simply and seasonally with whole foods. Cooking is my path to creativity, to health, and to connecting with others. My motto - Love people, cook them tasty food!

Marissa is creative and honest voice behind Pinch and Swirl. Her blog is written in journal format and combines newly created and borrowed recipes in order to give her readers both the familiarity of expertly crafted recipes along with the added benefit of honest and helpful commentary and tips. Through her blog, she is able to share her kitchen triumphs and expert tips meant to propel her readers into the kitchen. The name of her blog, Pinch and Swirl, comes from the idea that everything tastes better with a pinch of salt and a swirl of olive oil, and we couldn’t agree more. Alternating between sweet and savory dishes, always made from fresh, wholesome ingredients, Marissa is able to satisfy every taste bud. From her savory Salt and Vinegar Smashed Potatoes to her sweet Dark Chocolate Lavender Blueberry Truffles, there is truly something for everyone. Just remember to add a pinch of salt, and a swirl of olive oil.

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