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Nam Nguyen

Food Blogger, Foodventure Explorer, Potato Fanatic

Nam Nguyen from The Culinary Chronicles

I come from a beautiful culture where food is at the root of everything. If the dishes I make can help evoke a loving memory or create a new delicious tradition, than I’m a happy camper

Nam is the blogger, recipe developer, photographer, and “foodventure explorer” behind The Culinary Chronicles. Growing up in a Vietnamese family in Minneapolis with limited access to authentic ingredients, Nam’s mother was forced to become culinarily creative, combining Western ingredients with traditional Vietnamese flavors and techniques. This influence rubbed off on Nam, who now explores her own passion for food from her home in San Diego using a fusion of flavors and ingredients from both the East and the West. On her blog, you’ll find a true “chronicle” of flavors from around the world – some purely authentic and some fusion – but all with a focus on using fresh, wholesome ingredients and cooking from scratch.

Head over to The Culinary Chronicles and say hello to Nam on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.