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Nicole Kosowski

Wife, Mother, Artist, Food Blogger, Photographer

Nicole Kosowski of The Galley Gourmet

My goal when cooking is to unlock, then amplify all potential flavors in a recipe. It's somewhat like a recording studio - tweak a few components up, fade others down until the mix is just right to suit the palates of family and friends. Once perfected, I enjoy sharing with the world.

Nicole is the blogger and photographer behind the The Galley Gourmet where she shares her classic and comforting dishes created from her galley kitchen. What we love most about Nicole’s style is that she believes in creating her dishes from scratch by not taking unnecessary shortcuts and tweaking recipes until the flavors are just right. With an eclectic palate, you’ll find her blog filled with traditional, authentic dishes from  different parts of the world (and different regions of the U.S.) along with her own creative concoctions as part of her culinary adventures.

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