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Sam Henderson

Food and Lifestyle Stylist/Photographer

Sam Henderson - Today's Nest

I cook from the heart. I like to create simple food that can be enjoyed with all of the senses. Trying new foods or incorporating them into something familiar is all part of the adventure.

Sam is the Creative Director over at Today’s Nest, a fruitful blog dedicated to travel, arts, design, entertainment, and, of course, food and drink. One way that we can describe Sam that captures all of his different skills and experiences is as a lifestyle expert. He started out pursuing a career in fashion, took a dip into the financial industry, honed a love for photography and, lucky for us, found his way over to Today’s Nest. This hub has plenty to offer, including the inside scoop on what’s tasty and trendy, beautiful instructional videos (such as this artistic piece showing the recipe for a Very Berry Tart), and ultra-creative DIYS – can you say, galvanized pipe vas? Whether you’re seeking a new craft or looking to put something delicious on your plate, you’ll be glad that you stopped by.

Head over to Today’s Nest and say hello to Sam on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.