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Samantha Ferraro

Enthusiastic Food Lover, Blogger

Samantha Ferraro from The Little Ferraro Kitchen

I have always found cooking and food to be exciting and classic. As Julia Child said 'You don't have to cook fancy or complicated masterpieces - just good food from fresh ingredients.'

We first fell in love with Samantha’s cooking because of how diverse her recipes are, taking inspiration from all over the world to make delicious, multi-cultural creations. As we started learning more about her, everything came into perfect perspective! She’s originally from Brooklyn, where she grew up in a Turkish/Jewish environment, then moving to Hawaii for 10 years (we’re jealous), which became her 2nd home. Now, she lives in Southern California with her Italian husband where she’s a health sciences graduate and blogger. Her food is a representation of the diversity of her background and travels, sometimes infusing inspiration from cultures around the world into new creations and often sticking to tried and true classics. In her kitchen, great ingredients and simple techniques come together into delicious meals your family will love.

Head over to The Little Ferraro Kitchen and say hello to Samantha on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.