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Sarah Cook

Food Blogger

Sarah Cook

Sticking to a vegetarian diet for the past eight years has forced me to step outside of my comfort zone in the kitchen and find new ways to make healthy taste good. I cook to feel good about what I eat.

Sarah runs the show at Making Thyme for Health, where she photographs and blogs about her (mostly!) healthy vegetarian recipes. When she is not photographing food, Sarah is an Ultrasonographer – photographing the inside of people’s bodies. Sarah’s up close and personal experiences with the human body have taught her the importance of treating it with respect – she enjoys an active lifestyle and creating the recipes to go along with it. Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, Sarah takes inspiration from local produce and enjoys the creativity that being a vegetarian produces in the kitchen. The “thyme” and care that Sarah puts into her recipes reflects across her blog  –we can’t help but get inspired reading her write about what she loves.

Head over to Making Thyme for Health and say hello to Sarah on FacebookPinterest, and Twitter.