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Sarah Fioritto

Home Cook, Restaurant Server, Blogger

Sarah Fioritto

The only thing that makes me happier than throwing together a pot of pasta or tending to a slow winter braise is sitting down to enjoy the results with good company. I draw cooking inspiration from the seasons, my mood, travel and childhood memories, and from years and years spent working in restaurants.

Sarah’s years of experience serving in restaurants, her passions for travel and cooking, and personal childhood memories serve as inspiration for Strawberry Plum, a blog where seasonal meals are served with a touch of nostalgia.

When sharing a recipe for Calamari and Artichoke Soup, Sarah writes, “Many of my favorite dishes are the ones that have the ability to transport.  You inhale, take a bite, and suddenly you’re off exploring the world or being whisked back a couple of decades and remembering a dinner you ate half a lifetime ago.”

The same is the case for her Chilled Strawberry Soup, served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. The sweet, refreshing taste takes her back to childhood days of gorging on fruit while berry-picking with her family. Sarah loves to cook for family and friends, and Strawberry Plum serves as a journal of food memories in the making. No matter what comes out of her kitchen, you can count on delicious, seasonal produce, and accessible, satisfying recipes.

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